Career Point College of Arts and Humanities is meant for providing students an understanding of the basic principles and fundamental laws of how people process and document the human experience and culture. The college through its various activities articulate significant social, literary, and political perspectives found in humanities. The college offers courses in all traditional and specialized subjects in art, literature, humanities, music, philosophy, language, intercultural communication.


  • Advanced library with reading room
  • Qualified faculty with practical experience
  • Student Development Programs & Personality Grooming
  • Lectures by experts, authors, administrators, guest faculty and renowned politicians
  • Paper presentation

Learning Objectives

  • Foster intellectual curiosity, global knowledge, critical thinking, personal responsibility, and ethical and cultural awareness.
  • Prepare students to use language effectively.
  • Establish a framework for students to develop an aesthetic appreciation for fine arts.
  • Prepare students to be responsible citizens, lifelong learners, and world-ready leaders in their chosen fields.

Value Addition Courses

  • Industry Linked Specialization
    Corporate Affairs | Retail management | Banking | e-commerce | Accountancy & Finance | Capital Market | Operation & logistics | Real Estate Management | Media Management | PR & Advertising | Leadership
  • Personality Enhancement Program
    Spoken English | Business Communication | Presentation Skills | Relationship Management | Time Management | Negotiation Skills
  • Skills Development
    Microsoft Office Specialist | Basics of Graphic Designing | Tally etc

Courses Offered