Academic Achievements

Moocs Certification: - To Create Globally Accepted Professionals

  • Students of Computer Science and Engineering department successfully completed and earned MOOC certificates from renowned Universities/Platforms like MIT, Harvard University, Berkeley University, BOSTON University, University of Michigan, University of London, Yale, Duke University, IBM, Intel, Google etc…
  • Approximately 150+ certificates earned by students

Cy-Fi Club-By the students for the students

A naïve Club is incepted by us for the student’s welfare named as “Cy-Fi”, with the objective “By the students for the students”.
Activities to be conducted through this club are as follows:

  • Expert Lecture on Microsoft Student Partner (GitHub and Azure)
  • Expert Lecture on Internshala Student Partner (ISP)
  • Expert Lecture on Machine Learning
  • Expert Lecture on Title ’Aviation and Aqua devices’
  • Workshop on MS-Office for Non-Tech students like Pharmacy, BPT, Agriculture
  • Workshop for DRONE making
  • Workshop on IOT
  • Workshop on PYTHON
  • Workshop on Game Development

Crafting Entrepreneur-Earning while Learning

Participation in Technical Fest in IIT’s/NIT’s/DST/Govt. Institutes

Microsoft Student Partner:

  • Rahul Kumar Yadav (B. Tech. 6 semester, CSE) and Harsh Kumar Khatri (B. Tech. 4 semester, CSE) become MSP (Microsoft Student Partner) and they are representing CPU globally.
  • Successfully conducted MSP talk for CPU students on introduction of Azure, where students learned how cloud computing works and how Cloud Service is important for software development.

Internshala Student Partner

  • Successfully conducted ISP talk for CPU students on “why are internships important for students and “Why and How students can grab different internship opportunities available online""

Harsh Kumar Khatri (B. Tech. 4 semester, CSE) participated in HACK ON (PAN-INDIA ONLINE HACKATHON)

Projects Completed