Department Activities

Applied Science regularly organizes workshops & seminars for students of various sreams and choose topic which are innovative, challenging and useful for today’s technocrat, environmentalist, physicist, botanist and chemist to enhance their knowledge and upgrade their practical exposure

Expert Lecture

Utility of Fly Ash (Wealth from Waste) by Prof. Ashu Rani, Dean of Science in University of Kota, Kota.

Environmental Ethics by Prof. Prahlad Dubey, HOD of Zoology, Govt. PG College Kota.

Nuclear Power by Mr. Sanjay Mathur (Sr. Scientist) RAPP RawatBhata Kota.

Expert Lecture: TOPIC--“Recovery of domestic solid & liquid resources”[Solid Liquid Resource Management] on dated 21/2/2017
Key Speaker—Dr.Susen Raj President-KESS (Kota Environment SanitationSociety)

This session provided the information regarding dealing with the waste understanding the nature of waste, waste management, different solutions & the need to turn to solid & liquid resource management.

Expert Lecture on Environmental issues and challenges in industrial operation by Mr. V. S. Bhatnagar Manager Environment DCM Shriram Group

The objective of this expert lecture was to create awareness about environment impact on social life of human being. Students has learn many facts about the industrial development impact on environment such as Air, water pollution in the country and interact with expert to discuss the solutions for the same.

Expert Lecture on wealth from waste “Innovative techniques to utilize coal fly ash by Professor Ashu Rani Dean & former Head of Pure & Apllied Chemistry Department, University of Kota dated 10/11/2016

This expert lecture covered environmental factors, human health being affected from fly-ash, pollution of air,water and land due to fly-ash .It also highlighted the best utilization of fly-ash in solid construction material (with good tensile strength), its recycling and use in many catalyzed synthetic process.

Expert Lecture on how can mathematics be friendly for the students by Dr. Harish Nagar Professor of Mathematics, Sangam University, Bhilwara dated 24/10/2016

The objective this workshop was that we can remove the afraid of Mathematics in students mind. Students took interest and play puzzle in Mathematics.

By his lecture he motivates the students and made it interesting by using video. Students has learn vedic mathematics and different techniques to solve complex multiplication in a short time. Students also learned trigonometric, derivative Matrix solutions by using real life examples such as chess and football matches.

Winners of Science Exhibition– 2017

1st Position: DTMF Cell Phone Controlled Water Irrigation System
2nd Position: Box Transport Mechanism
3rd Position:: Evolution: Ancient Man v/s Modern Man

Photographs News

An Expert Guest Lecture on "ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS - Issues and Possible Solutions"

An Expert Guest Lecture on "ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS- Issues and Possible Solutions" conducted by Zoology Department of 'School of Basic & Applied Science' at C.P. Auditorium, CP Tower-2. on 17-11-2017 for B.Sc , B.Sc-B.Ed and M.Sc (All Streams) students.

KEY NOTE Speaker: Prof. Prahlad Dubey, H.O.D. Zoology Department, Govt. College Kota Coordinated By - Dr. Manjul Mishra [Dean], Miss Meenakshi Sharma & Dr. Megha Shrivastava

Objectives: To reveal environmental issues that are threatening the existence of life on earth & to motivate the students by concern for welfare of many human and non-human communities that shape this planet.


Industrial Visit

Hitachi HI-RIl Gandhinagar & GIFT city Ahamdabad

Department of Applied Science has organized an industrial visit at Hitachi HI- RIL Gandhinagar and GIFT city Ahamdabad on dated 13-14 April 2017. Student get adequate exposure of the industrial environment of multinational company like Hitachi Hi-Rel. a group of company which is a leading force in industrial power electronics and power conditioning products for use in power plants. Student also seen most ambitious and dream prject of P. M. shri Narendra Modi GIFT which is a smart city with SEZ (special economic zone) & international education zone.

Akelgarh water treatment plant Kota

Department of Applied Science has organized an industrial visit at water treatment plant Akelgarh Kota on dated 22 September 2016. By this industrial visit student learnt about various water treatment techniques for purification of drinking water such as sedimentation, disinfection, chlorination by seen practically. Student also learnt and seen process by which water is purified before using in any industry. It will Be very helpful for all students to learn practically the process of water purification which is a part of their course curriculam.

National Innovation foundation Gandhi Nagar & G. E. Bharat Forge power pvt. Ltd. Ahmadabad

Department of Applied Science has organized an industrial visit at National Innovation foundation Gandhi Nagar & G. E. Bharat Forge power pvt. Ltd. Ahmadabad for students on 5-6 May 2016. By this industrial visit student learnt about working, principles and objectives of both organizations, understand manufacturing of turbine and generators & by this visit a bond form between these organizations and CPU which will helpful for future internship and placement of students in these organization.


Learning of Microsoft documents (word, excel, power point):

First year students are assigned projects and report writing. Most of the students are not comfortable with Microsoft documents such as report writing, making data base in excel and making presentation in power point. To impart the knowledge of the same a workshop was conducted for B.Tech first year students on dated 21/10/2016. Participation certificates have been distributed to students.

Technical Events:

Science Exhibition

Career Point University, kota conducted Science Exhibition, the motive of conducting Science Exhibition at Career Point university, is to encourage the students from all the departments and courses to use their knowledge with intelligence for creating a practical output and that is how getting aware of various new technologies in the market. A very good number of students participated from B. Tech I year.


Career Point University organize JUGAD a tech fest in which all departments took part aims of the event is to bring out the Jugaad innovation of students and allows them to nurture this talent on stage. The idea was for students to create something useful for society at low cost - any machine, gadget, accessory, or even a household item. Over 2000 students from various schools & colleges of Kota participated in the event.